With the knowledge and experience along with many years in the profession of providing consultancy solutions for the healthcare industry. Our program includes: Initial Assessment, Gap Analysis, Documentation Management, Educational Training, Implementation& Mentoring and Mock Survey.

Quality and Assessment

Medical KPI’s competent experts and consultants in the fields of healthcare quality and Non-Healthcare Facilities work to provide up to date, reliable and accountable recommendations that healthcare and non-Healthcare facilities require in their roadmap to implement quality standards and improve the margin of facility current practices to targeted practices required for the application of standards. It is worth pointing here that healthcare and non-healthcare facilities may not apply the same recommendation even though they work in the same field and provide the same services. The reason usually revolves around differences in the scope of work, capacity, size, number of services, equipment, devices, technology, infrastructure and other hidden differences that make it not applicable to use same recommendations.

In order to provide the best services for our distinguished partners, we strive to get aligned with them and acquainted with the details of the work and the available resources (human, technical, infrastructure, information, and available time) to provide the best and applicable options and/ or solutions that are compatible with the capabilities of the facility and the time available.

Healthcare Recruitment

Through Recruitment service, Medical KPI’s seeks to work with healthcare facilities to meet their needs of healthcare professionals through partial, temporary and permanent employment contracts so that healthcare facilities can attract healthcare professionals in any contractual form meets healthcare facilities needs and meet their timely, temporary or permanent staffing needs. In Recruitment section, Medical KPI’s works through experienced and competent consultants and specialists to enhance the ability of healthcare facilities to recruit and / or assign the appropriate leaders and employees to work efficiently and effectively by avoiding bias in the traditional selection process based on cumulative experiences or prestigious scientific and training certificates by using a scientific accountable selection process bias less based on the actual appropriateness for the job, tasks, responsibilities where the selected leader and / or staff is going to play a vital role in continuous improvement of the facility. Medical KPI’s Birkman Consultants & professionals can support healthcare facilities through proper and reliable teams Mapping according to the appropriateness of team and / or committee’s members ability to be an excellent team player and according to the scope of work of the team or committee using Berkman's global methodology.

H.R Development

Given the importance of human resources departments and/ or section’s of high level of performance, policies and procedures that guarantee the rights of the organization as well as staff who work to achieve facilities goals and objectives with the best performance and professional commitment, Medical KPIs made it easy for customers to seek the provision of H.R services or the development and establishment of human resources departments and sections through Medical KPI’s partners (Achievement Legacy LLC) who are Specialized in administrative consultation’s, strategies and other administrative organizational enhancement.

Strategic Planning

The importance of having a strategic plan for healthcare facilities that defines their place in the market, practices and draws a road map to achieve their goals and position among competitors and enhance the values of the facility and its sustainability. Therefore, Medical KPIs seeks to integrate the services provided to its partners through specialized alliances in administrative development to help healthcare facilities find their plans, goals and Implementing the plan professionally through our alliance Achievement Legacy LLC.

Institutional Organization

Healthcare facilities who are looking to move to the level of institutional organization in terms of developing structures, systems, committees, policies and governance of procedures, contracts and projects for the facility that support the facility’s achievement of high professionalism and achieve its goals efficiently and effectively. Therefore, Medical KPI’s partners, (Achievement Legacy for Administrative consultation’s), will meet healthcare facility needs to re-structuring, developing and improving administrative policies, procedures, build up interactive organizational structures and corporate governance using the latest management methodologies in organization and institutional improvement to achieve its competitive position and obtain its market share in a turbulent, volatile and rapidly changing markets.

Managing Healthcare Insurance Section’s

Several healthcare facilities are facing obstacles in managing and organizing the process of claims through insurance companies due to the workers’ inability to adapt with the insurance companies’ needs, policies and requirements, which raises the margin of claims rejection or delays in disbursing or re-reviewing them. By providing this service to healthcare facilities, Medical KPI’s enhances the professional work that raises the ceiling of returns of healthcare insurance department and reduces the margin of claims rejection.

Medical Employment

Medical KPI’s works effectively to meet healthcare facilities’ needs of staff by submitting the required CVs that bear the expertise, professional registration and competencies required for the job.

Healthcare Training

We map the training needs of organization's staff to meet the performance standards. We also update the policies and procedures of the training department and find training initiatives that increase the margin of returns for the health facility.


Medical KPI’s provides latest smart technologies in water, tools, kitchen equipment, air and laundry sterilization. These items are proven efficacy are available for commercial as non-medical devices with the necessary recommendations and are characterized by no maintenance costs, spare parts and filters, as they depend on technology that does not require continuous maintenance or changing filters or spare parts.

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