Disinfection and Sterilization


OMNI Solutions is headquartered in Baraboo, Wisconsin, and is an EPA Registered OEM of proprietary, Earth-friendly UV-based technologies for water, surface, and air treatment. We are revolutionizing the UV Disinfection, Commercial Laundry, and Water Processing industries with an array of innovative, energy-efficient products designed to help maintain the highest standards of clean, increase customers' profit margins through utility, water, and chemical savings, and improve the performance and quality of the cleaning process. With over 2,000 laundry installations processing in excess of 1 billion pounds per year, OMNI Solutions maintains its place as the world's largest supplier of UV laundry systems. OMNI Solutions include SULAOS Smart Ultraviolet Light, Advanced Oxidation Washing System (LUX, LUMARS), Smart Water Valve that Reduces Water Bills (OMNIValve), UV Room and Space Disinfection Systems (PURO, AURA), Air Sterilization System for Pathogens and Vectors (SPIRO), and Bag Zapper Sterilization and Cleaning System after each use. What is worth noting is the absence of maintenance operations and the frequent request for spare parts for equipment and devices, which reduces maintenance costs for customers

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